Weinhandlung Grams / vintage wines

rare old vintage wine and armagnac

We have collected old and rare vintage wines for years and are now able to offer you a range of fine wines and Armagnac back to 1900.
(and a few bottles even back to 1795)

left to right: Kremser Traminer 1964, Primogenito Solera 1942, Armagnac 1979, Madeira 1850, Port 1985
left to right: Cognac 1896, Pommard 1964, Port 1908, Armagnac 1940

The hit as a birthday present, perfect for company jubilees, nice memories of a special year, the treasure in a collector's cellar ...

the old vintage

... is always ideal. To hold a bottle of his own year is a very special feeling.

To every bottle of a old vintage wine or Armagnac you get a
which verifies the authenticity. We role this document and close it with a real seal. Of course you can personalize the certificate with a name. For example: "Certificate for Mr. John Brown".
Good corcs ...
good corcs are important for the long storage
are a very important fact for the long storage of wine. We checked every single bottle of the old wines and every corc is in an excellent condition and the filling level is okay. Every bottle is controled and registered in cellar-books.
We store the wines in our more than 700 years old cellar in the former monastery in the heart of Vienna, two floors under the street level.
control card
The condition in the cellar could not be better for the storage of fine wine.
When the label of an old wine is disturbed by the humidity of the atmosphere you will find a special
control card
with the wine number, the wine name and the vintage on it. (like "Christie's")
rare wines from  france, Madeira, Italy, Spain ...
rare wines
from France, Madeira, Italy, Spain ...
rare wines from Austria
rare wines
from Austria

Austrian rare wines - tasting set PS. Because of the high demand for tasting-sets for old austrian vintage wines, we offer the first time a set with 3 bottles - just the best - of 3 decades ... more