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Gerhard Grams

In the last few years I have enlarged our stock of old vintage wines, especially from Austrian white wine ! We are proud to offer you great qualities of Austrian white wine back to the 1930's !!

tasting set for Austrian rare wine Because of the high demand for tasting-sets with old austrian vintage wines, we offer the first time a set with 3 bottles - just the best - of 3 decades for a special prize. More

Quality remains ...

You will very rarely find an estate which is praised by every expert who knows it. The Austrian wine magazine "VINARIA", but also the German "ALLES ÜBER WEIN", glorify those rare wines.

Let met quote the VINARIA 4/97: "the store-circumstances are nearly ideal for bottled wine. The bottles ... have ... different filling levels, which has very seldom consequences for the wine. Even the corcs are, as expected, a irreproachable quality: We made 170 samples and had just one time suspect of a corky taste." (just suspect !! remark) VINARIA 4/97

I do not think that you can honor the quality of white wines in a better way. The quoted spot-checks were wines from the 1920's (z.B. 1929 Neuburger Auslese) to the 70's!

ALLES ÜBER WEIN 6/98 The same international admitted wine expert swarms in the German magazine "ALLES ÜBER WEIN" 6/98: "The freshness of the wines is unbelievable, the standard of the collection is unusual. ... there is no doubt about the authenticity. There was not one bottle, which shape gave reason for scepticism."

from the publishing houses VINARIA and ALLES ÜBER WEIN
authorized quotations. - thank you

Gerhard Grams For any futher information do not hesitat to contac us!